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Due to the Corona pandemic, there will be no "real" antiquarian book fair at the Frankfurt Book Fair this year. We have thought about how we can offer you a virtual substitute and have developed a concept that not only presents a wide range of antiquarian books, autographs and art for sale, but also reflects a little of the tour of the fair halls with many small side shows.


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Dear Friends of beautiful books and the Antiquarian Book Fair.
You had been looking forward for a long time, during the run-up to Frankfurt Book Fair, to the physical encounters with books. Especially with valuable antiquarian books, especially with unique items and original fine art prints, it is these physical encounters that trigger the pleasure of anticipation: to pulling on white gloves, to cautiously leafing through the pages, to discovering rare and unique items, to the excitement to which these book treasures inevitably give rise.
Now you are venturing a step into the digital world with these books. Rare books and their collectors are exploiting new digital opportunities. You are taking one great step, a courageous step to which I congratulate you.
So don’t ask yourself what you will be missing because the halls of Frankfurt Book Fair will remain vacant this year; instead come in and prepare yourself for the digital Antiquarian Book Fair 2020. Discover book art treasures and your enthusiasm for books from your own sofa. Browse around without having to worry about fair opening hours. Peruse at your leisure!
I know from my own experience and passion for books how important it is for people and books to physically come together and how we are all hoping for a “real” book fair in 2021. But perhaps the restrictions this year will open up a new perspective, to the possibility of having both in the future: the annual highlight in Frankfurt and the infrastructure for a 365-day-long antiquarian book fair which comes to you in your own homes, to the bibliophiles all over the world.
I would like to take the opportunity, at this point, to thank those who have taken the initiative of launching this digital Antiquarian Book Fair. Such a step takes courage, money, energy and patience. And is the only right way forward this year.
I take pleasure in inviting you to continue browsing www.buchmesse.de and discovering the beautiful books there. Perhaps the cimelia of tomorrow. Almost certainly enough information and pleasure for a superb bibliophile autumn.
Yours sincerely,

Karin Schmidt-Friderichs
Karin Schmidt-Friderichs
Head of

Börsenvereins des Deutschen Buchhandels e.V.

A new publication for Rare Books & Fine Art

The Schedel-World-Chronicle is one of the great books from the early period of printing with moveable types. With 1.800 woodcuts, it is nothing less than flamboyantly illustrated. For a person browsing through the bulky folios, a view is opened into the latter Middle Ages. But in the renown and attraction of this famous book, there also lies the seed of its destruction.

The author was Hartmann Schedel, a city-physician in Nuremberg. Driven by passionate fanaticism, he had collected everything that had been published or scripted during his time and on which he could lay his hands, and then assembled it under the audacious title “The World” – with just about everything that was then believed, was known or even just presumed. In the German language area, it is today known as the “Schedelsche Weltchronik” and revered and collected worldwide as “The Nuremberg Chronicle”.

For almost four decades, the German TV-presenter and correspondent Wolf von Lojewski collected “The Schedel-World-Chronicle”.In his case though as “Scattered Leaves” of different provenience and preserved quality – sometimes coloured, sometimes with ancient notes and scribblings, sometimes damaged or repaired.

Follow him on a thrilling journey of the history of a 500-year-old-book and his adventures as a collector.

Interview with Wolf von Lojewski about his new book: https://www.literatur-in-wiesbaden.de/journal/wolf-von-lojewskis-verstreute-blaetter/

Denis Scheck in the program "Druckfrisch" about Wolf von Lojewskis new book (starting at 24:57):